Romet Covers

Casually confident in a choice of colours and styles!

The Romet covers are high quality garments, produced from 100% mercerised cotton, designed to allow quick access to the stoma.


  • Touch to close fastenings
  • Classic Italian design
  • 100% mercerised cotton
  • Breathable

Romet Covers allow neck breathers to dress in a relaxed and confident manner. All Kapitex protectors and filters can be worn underneath the Romet Cover, and we would recommend that in all cases a protector or filter be worn underneath.

Romet Covers are available in 10 different colours in two weave styles (see below). Easy to use, the touch to close fasteners which are supplied need to be sewn onto the neckband. These popular covers are a must to help complete the neck breather’s wardrobe.

Romet Cover 1
White — X-LA ROM 0001
Romet Cover 2
Beige — X-LA ROM 0002
Romet Cover 3
Light Blue — X-LA ROM 0003
Romet Cover 4
Grey — X-LA ROM 0004
Romet Cover 5
Navy Blue — X-LA ROM 0005
Romet Cover 6
Burgundy — X-LA ROM 0006
Romet Cover 7
Brown — X-LA ROM 0007
Romet Cover 8
Black — X-LA ROM 0008
Romet Cover 9
Mid Blue — X-LA ROM 0009
Romet Cover 10
Green — X-LA ROM 0010