Adding Quality of Life to Airway Management

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Combining essential airway protection and comfort

The Buchanan® Lite — the only stoma protectors that offer the following benefits.

  • Essential fine filtration through the exclusive microfibre Hydrolox Lite filter layer
  • Excellent moisture retention that prevents excessive build up of mucus which can cause discomfort and infection in the trachea
  • The breathable polyester non-woven design delivers good heat/moisture exchange — vital for protection of the airway
  • Lightweight construction, Ezi-Tie adjustors and soft to touch materials to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer.

Key features

  1. Ezi-Tie® adjusters
  2. Lightweight construction
  3. Layered formula — breathable polyester outer layer non-woven fabric for real filtration
  4. Inner layers — microfibres — dedicated respiratory device material
  5. The microfibre layer delivers high performance filtration and heat moisture characteristics
  6. Soft to touch material — exclusively designed and manufactured for Kapitex
  7. Smooth colour conditioned binding material
  8. Simple packaging — less waste
  9. Easy to remove label

The Buchanan Lite is a serious medical device

By introducing colours to the range - many people will prefer to choose a coloured protector.

  • However, it is important to note that the Buchanan Lite does provide good levels of filtration and airway protection, particularly when you compare the product to lesser quality specifications of competitors' stoma covers.
  • Our materials are dedicated to healthcare requirements and have been chosen carefully to provide airway protection to improve and help reduce problems after Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy.
  • Please note: for your safety and hygiene the Buchanan Lite Protector is recommended to be washed no more than 3 times. This is to ensure maximum performance of the dedicated filtration material.
Buchanan Lite is a serious medical device

Buchanan Lite is a serious medical device

The unique layered lightweight construction

The unique layered lightweight construction

Featuring the new Ezi-Tie® adjusters for increased comfort

Featuring the new Ezi-Tie® adjusters for increased comfort

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