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Clinically Proven

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Buchanan Lite — better breathing, better stoma care

The Buchanan® Lite — clincially proven to be better than other stoma covers.

Cardiff University Hospital have carried out laboratory tests in accordance with ISO 9360* comparing Buchanan Lite Protectors with a competitor's stoma cover. As a result of the combination of materials, the Buchanan® Lite Protector significantly out-performed the competition!

Moisture Retention

The Buchanan Protector was found to provide 44% more moisture retention than ordinary covers. This is a considerable difference in performance.

Buchanan Lite 44% more moisture retention

The Talc Tap Filtration Test

The wider pores of the competitor’s product allow particles to pass through where ours protect and filter out the finest dust particles giving better airway protection

The talc tap test
Buchanan Lite product pack
Buchanan Lite close knit fabric

Better Filtration

The Buchanan Lite Protector on the top shows a closer knit / smaller pores when compared with the competitor's product on the bottom. This contributes to better performance in heat and moisture exchange and filtration.

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