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Buchanan Protectors

Permanent Tracheostomy Protectors

The Buchanan Protector is more than just a neckworn bib. It is a serious medical device designed to improve the patients breathing.


It delivers unique benefits to neck breathers through effective product design and material composition — the crucial benefits delivered by the exclusive Hydrolox 1 Foam.


  • Pure cotton, sandwiching Hydrolox 1 Foam, allows a soft fabric feel against the neck.
  • Hydrolox 1 Foam is effective in removing dust and dirt particles in the air, as well as providing moisture and warmth to inhaled air.
  • Wearing the protector will help to reduce the risk of chest problems caused by cold, dry, unfiltered air. The Buchanan Protectors feature a non adhesive tie strap.
  • Available in two sizes, large and small and are supplied in packs of 10, sufficient for one month’s supply. The protectors should be changed daily and washed no more than 3 times.

Available on NHS Prescription

Ordering Information
Order Number Description (mm) Sizing Pack Quantity
LA BUP 0001 216 mm x 208 mm Large Pack of 10
LA BUP 0002 140 mm x 114 mm Small Pack of 10

Available on NHS Prescription.