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Trachi-Naze +Plus

A revolutionary breakthrough for neckbreathers, Trachi-Naze +Plus is the world's first externally worn system to restore the essential functions of the nose - making breathing easier and more efficient.

Trachi-Naze +Plus Benefits:

  • Restores normal airway resistance
  • Increases blood oxygenation
  • Reduces shortness of breath
  • Reduced mucus production
  • Reduced crusting around the stoma and trachea
  • Increased lung protection
  • Less chest infections
  • Good heat and moisture within the trachea
  • Excellent filtration
  • Less coughing
  • Improved sleep
  • Greater confidence
  • Improved well being

Trachi-Naze is the only system which restores the vital nasal function to neckbreathers making breathing easier and more efficient.

Trachi-Naze Plus restores the lost nasal function for neckbreathers. It is the only externally worn system to add back heat, moisture, small particulate filtration and improves breathing and therefore increases oxygenation. Oxygenation is increased because Trachi-Naze provides a functional airway resistance within the trachea, which plays an important role in the breathing process.

Trachi-Naze +Plus offers a variety of fitting options:

Trachi-Naze® Stoma Studs

The Trachi-Naze +Plus stoma studs provide a gentle sealing within the stoma, and in combination with the Trachi-Naze +Plus filter cassettes gives the wearer greater confidence as well as significantly enhanced respiration.

Laryngectomy Tube

The Trachi-Naze +Plus Laryngectomy Tube has been designed to hold the Trachi-Naze +Plus filter cassettes for those who require a tube to support the trachea (longer than stoma studs). The tube can be fenestrated for voice prosthesis users and is available in a comprehensive variety of diameters and lengths.

The Trachi-Naze +Plus Tracheostomy Tube Attachment

This allows tracheostomy tube wearers with a 15mm connector, to enjoy the benefits of better breathing with the Trachi-Naze +Plus filter cassette.


Trachi-Naze® +Plus multi-function filter cassettes

The Trachi-Naze +Plus multi-function filter cassettes are the heart of the Trachi- Naze +Plus System. They contain three filter layers which create a “closed” system, ensuring that all air is warmed, humidified and filtered, and restoring a functional airway resistance.

Night Filter (Blue)

Provides normal airway resistance adding back almost all lost resistance. The blue (night) filter provides the normal airway resistance which improves oxygenation — these filters would be normally worn at night and can be easily tolerated during sleep.

Day Filter (Green)

Half airway resistance allowing free passage of air for daytime use. The green (day) filter is comfortable during the day for normal activity - it provides half the level of airway resistance — but it is the regular use of the Blue and Green filter which maximises respiratory performance.

Active Filter (Orange)

Minimal airway resistance allowing strenuous activities. The active (orange) filter enable wearers to carry out strenuous activity without losing the protection offered by the filters. It has minimal airway resistance.

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