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Chewy Tubes yellow (smooth)

Yellow Chewy Tube (smooth)

The Yellow Chewy Tube is used with a smaller jaw, typically an infant 9-10 months old. It can also be used with an individual who cannot open the jaw very wide. The Yellow Chewy Tube features a narrow stem 9.5mm OD.

Catalogue No. OS CHW 0001

Chewy Tubes red (smooth)

Red Chewy Tube (smooth)

The Red Chewy Tube is used normally with toddlers - it has a wider stem 12.7mm OD. This tube can also be used by children who are receptive to oral tactile stimulation or with adults who have a larger jaw.

Catalogue No. OS CHW 0002

Chewy Tubes green (knobby)

Green Chewy Tube (knobby)

The Green knobby Chewy Tube has been designed to increase sensory input by means of the raised dots on the shaft. The shaft diameter is 15mm OD. The Green knobby Chewy Tube is slightly harder to chew on when compared with Yellow and Red Chewy Tubes.

Catalogue No. OS CHW 0003

Chewy Tubes blue (smooth)

Blue Chewy Tube (smooth)

The Blue Chewy Tubes are 75% thicker than the yellow or red Chewy Tubes. This thickness represents an incremental increase in difficulty for use in exercises with the Jaw Rehabilitation Program. The Blue Chewy Tubes are intended for use by adolescents or adults with a more developed masseter muscle.

Catalogue No. OS CHW 0005

P & Q Chewy Tubes

P & Q Chewing Aids

The P & Q chewing aids provide an extra tool in the rehabilitation programme. Both these devices provide more resistance than the Chewy Tubes, as they do not easily compress when chewing or biting takes place. The Q is wide enough for bi-lateral chewing activities and the P is especially easy to grasp by small fingers or those with low muscle tone.

Catalogue No: OS CHW 0004 (pack contains 1 P & 1 Q)

All the tube handles have corrugated ridges to assist the grasp - especially useful for those who are visually impaired.

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