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thyroplasty system options

Option 1 — Individual System Components

Montgomery® Thyroplasty Implants, supplied sterile, one implant per carton.

Boston Montgomery Thyroplasty Replacement Implants
Code Description Size
OS MTF 0001 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 6
OS MTF 0002 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 7
OS MTF 0003 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 8
OS MTF 0004 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 9
OS MTF 0005 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 10
OS MTF 0006 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Female 11
OS MTM 0001 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 8
OS MTM 0002 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 9
OS MTM 0003 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 10
OS MTM 0004 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 11
OS MTM 0005 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 12
OS MTM 0006 Thyroplasty Replacement Implants — Male 13


16-Implant Dispenser Sets, contains 16 implants. Significant savings over purchasing individual implants.


Ref Description
MTC-01 Male and Female Combination
Implant Set, contains 16 implants:
1 ea. female sizes 6,7 / 2 ea. female sizes 8,9,10
1 ea. male sizes 8,9 / 2 ea. male sizes 10,11,12

Female Implant Set, contains 16 implants:
2 ea. female sizes 6,7 / 4 ea. female sizes 8,9,10

MTM-01 Male Implant Set, contains 16 implants:
2 ea. male sizes 8,9 / 4 ea. male sizes 10,11,12


Montgomery® Thyroplasty Measuring Device Kits Supplied sterile, disposable. Kits include one of each size measuring device (5 sizes per kit).


Boston Montgomery Thyroplasty Replacement Measuring Device
Code Description
OS MTK 0001 Thyroplasty Replacement Measuring Kit - Female
OS MTK 0002 Thyroplasty Replacement Measuring Kit - Male


Boston Montgomery Thyroplasty Instrument Set
OS MTT 0001 Surgical Instrument Set with Sterilisation Tray



Boston Montgomery Thyroplasty Instruments
Code Description
OS MTT 0201 7mm Female Window Caliper
OS MTT 0202 9mm Male Window Caliper
OS MTT 0203 Female Window Outline Instrument
OS MTT 0204 Male Window Outline Instrument
OS MTT 0205 Small Curved Hook
OS MTT 0206 Large Curved Hook
OS MTT 0207 Small Sharp Hook
OS MTT 0208 Small Sharp Hook
OS MTT 0209 3mm Duckbill Elevator
OS MTT 0210 5mm Duckbill Elevator
OS MTT 0211 Chisel Elevator
OS MTT 0212 Female Implant Inserter
OS MTT 0213 Male Implant Inserter



Boston Educational Media
Code Description
OS BMP 0001 Boston Product Catalogue and Resources CDRom
OS VID 0001 Boston Thyroplasty System Educational Video


Option 2 — Single Procedure Thyroplasty Kit

A cost-effective and convenient option designed for surgeons who perform a limited number of thyroplasty procedures. Choose either a female or male kit. Boston Medical Products will send you the complete 13-piece instrument set in sterilisation tray, one disposable measuring device kit, and five thyroplasty implants. Following the surgery, simply return the instrument set and four unused implants.

Montgomery® Thyroplasty Surgical Instruments, supplied non sterile.

Boston Montgomery Thyroplasty Implant System
Code Description
OS MTS 0001 Single Procedure Day Surgery Kit — Female
OS MTS 0002 Single Procedure Day Surgery Kit — Male

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