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Dumon BB — Paediatric

Initially developed for paediatric indications, Dumon® BB have a wall thickness of only 0.5mm.

The ratio between inner and outer diameter offers an excellent resistance to compression. Stent placement is easy with either a rigid scope or, for distal stenoses in adults, with a flexible bronchoscope.

Excellent results have been obtained in indications of lobar bronchi. The placement method is very simple under direct view or X-ray control.

Placing a silicone stent with a flexible bronchoscope is a kind of revolution as it is now possible to place a stent distally and to remove it if necessary. For such indications it is no longer necessary to place a self-expandable stent, unless collateral ventilation is required (in such cases, a non-covered metallic stent must be used).

Paediatric Indications

For paediatric indications a rigid bronchoscopy must be performed for safety reasons. There is no debate between surgery and stenting as surgery must be the first choice to solve a problem. In some case stenting can be a good temporary alternative.

Like all Dumon® stents, the BB stent is made of implant grade silicone. It is perfectly biocompatible and removal of the stent is possible without any problem even after more than 15 months.

In infants a lumen reduction due to cardiopathy or malacia can be silicone stented endoscopically without suturing the stent to the mucosa or performing a tracheostomy.

Dumon® BB are available in lengths of 10 to 50mm in order to both cover the stenosis and anchor the stent perfectly. The controlled wall thickness aids in avoiding obstruction. In case of necessity, the stent can be removed with foreign body forceps.

Adult indications, placement by flexible bronchoscope

Adult indications are rare and must be considered as an exception.

Stenting must secure lobar ventilation. Patient quality of life is a key issue to determine the necessity of stenting. It may be indicated for a patient who has undergone right side pneumonectomy to secure ventilation of the left lower lobe. In some cases Dumon® BB can be placed instead of a self- expandable stent which are presently the preferred stents for such distal stenoses. The necessity of collateral ventilation does not make the latter obsolete but Dumon® BB can be used when self-expandable stents are useless or even dangerous.

Dumon BB Stent

Ordering Information

Dumon® BB Paediatric Stent
  OD (mm) Length (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
BB 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 10 to 50 in increments of 10mm 0.5
Standard BB stents have 2 rows of studs. BB stents with 4 rows of studs are available as custom made stents (only with diameter ≥ 8mm).

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