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Gold Studded Stent ST-Hourglass

The DUMON® ST was created in collaboration with Prof. Vergnon (Saint Etienne University Hospital, France). It is perfectly adapted to:

  • complex benign stenoses
  • post intubation stenoses
  • post tracheostomy stenoses
  • subglottic stenoses (custom made)

Easy to place after laser resection or dilatation, this stent is designed to avoid the risk of migration inherent to compression development. No migration was observed in a study covering a follow-up period of two years).

The distal and proximal ends correspond to the size of the healthy trachea. The central part is narrower, reducing the risk of traumatising the stenosis while maintaining a suffi cient lumen for the airfl ow and reducing the risk of recurrence.

With a mean duration of 19,6 months a curative effect has been observed in 4 from 13 patients). In some cases, this stent can prevent a tracheostomy.

Request for customisation (BAF) GSSTM/Dumon®


  • Anti-migration stud system
  • The ends of the stents are specially beveled to improve mucocilar clearance while helping to prevent crusting and granulation tissue from forming
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
  • Easily removable in case of necessity
  • Implant grade silicone
GSS ST Hourglass Stent
 ST sizing

Ordering Information

ST — Hourglass Stent
Ref OD (mm) Length (mm) Wall Thickness
1 2 3 L1 L2 L3
OS DST 1210 12 10 12 15 20 15 1.5
OS DST 1412 14 12 14 15 20 15 1.5
OS DST 1513 15 13 15 15 20 15 1.5
OS DST 1614 16 14 16 15 20 15 1.5
Special custom lengths and diameters are available

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