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Dumon BD Gold Studded Stent

The TRACHEOBRONXANE® DUMON® BD stent is perfectly adapted to bronchial indications (main bronchus and bronchus intermedius) and can, in certain cases, be placed in the lobar bronchus.


They facilitate mucociliary clearance while allowing optimal ventilation of the bronchi. Due to its special material, the Tracheobronxane® Dumon® stent maintains its shape and resists external compression) despite its wall thickness of only 1mm.

Dumon® BD stents have been developed for bronchial indications. The stent sizes correspond to the smaller bronchi diameters and ensure optimal ventilation of the patient.

Request for customisation (BAF) GSSTM/Dumon®


  • Enhanced respiratory flow
  • Improved mucociliary clearance

BD Bronchial stent, straight wall thickness 1.0mm

GSS BD Stent
BD Stent in situ

Ordering Information

GSS Tracheal (BD) Stent
Wall thickness 1.0mm — Sterile
Ref Length (mm) OD (mm)
OS DBD 1020 20 10
OS DBD 1040 40 10
OS DBD 1060 60 10
OS DBD 1140 40 11
OS DBD 1160 60 11
OS DBD 1240 40 12
OS DBD 1260 60 12

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