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Fully covered, straight SILMET® MCS is the standard stent of the line. The polyester cover minimises the risk of granulation tissue growth and avoids tumour ingrowth. Even for benign stenoses, SILMET® MCS, which is easy to remove thanks to its cover, can be a good alternative to Dumon® and GSSTM stents, for cases in which a self-expandable metal stent is better suited.

SILMET® MCS is available in all diameters from 6 to 24mm (in increments of 1mm) and in lengths from 20 to 140mm (in increments of 5mm).


Fully covered, extra-strong, straight SILMET® XF were developed upon request of ENT surgeons mainly, who have to deal with highly compressive post-intubation and subglottic stenoses. Their resistance against compression is at least equal to the resistance of Dumon® stents (study, presented, but unpublished, by Dr Miyazawa Teruomi, Ste Marianna University Hospital, Kawasaki, Japan) and superior to the resistance of SILMET® MCS.


Uncovered, straight SILMET® MNC have a mesh length of 5mm and are available in diameters from 6 to 24mm (in increments of 1mm) and lengths from 10 to 140mm (in increments of 5mm).

Silmet MCS
Silmet MCS sizing

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