Stenting Accessories

Survac Suction Catheters for Bronchoscopy

Novatech has developed atraumatically rounded suction catheters which due to their materials are both bendable and resistant, making them particularly suited for bronchoscopy.

The PTFE-catheters unite the bendability of polyethylene with the resistance of polycarbonate. The diameter allows insertion through the lateral port of a rigid bronchoscope. Their design being perfectly adapted to the tracheobronchial tree, suctioning beyond the lobar bronchi is easy.

The Polycarbonate (PC) catheters are bendable. For suctioning beyond the lobar bronchi, the catheter end can be bent manually before insertion. The PC catheters can be used for mechanical desobstruction.

The 3 x 4mm catheters are particularly suited for the axial aspiration of larger tumour parts or suctioning of large quantities in emergency cases.