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Tracheostomy and ventilator speaking valves

PMV 007

PMV 007 (Aqua) Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valve

(15mm I.D./22mm O.D.) is designed to fit inside adult disposable ventilator tubing. The bright colour makes it easier to see while in the ventilator tubing. Use of an adapter may be needed to adapt the PMV to paediatric or various closed suctioning systems.

Order Number: TR PMV 0002

PMV 1003

TR PMV 1003 (Purple) Low Profile — Lower Resistance Tracheostomy Speaking Valve

(15mm I.D./23mm O.D.) is identical to the TR PMV 1002 except for its colour. This valve is bright purple to facilitate staff awareness and monitoring of patients while using the PMV.

Order Number: TR PMV 1003

PMV 1002

TR PMV 1002 (Clear) Low Profile — Lower Resistance Tracheostomy Valve

(15mm I.D./23mm O.D.) is lightweight and smaller than the original PMVs. It is designed to be clear and less visible for the more ambulatory patient.

Order Number: TR PMV 1002

PMV 1005

TR PMV 1005 (Clear) Secure It

The PMV 2000 and PMV 2001 are designed with a small ring that allows the new PMV Secure It to attach from PMV to the trach tie to prevent valve loss

Order Number: TR PMV 1005

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