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Tracheostony tube cleaning kit

Servox Atomiser Spray

The Atomiser Spray is useful for patient and professional. With its unique multi-directional flexible nozzle, local anaesthetics and medicaments can be directed to reach the trachea quickly and economically.
The sturdy Atomiser is good value compared with easily broken traditional sprays. Stainless steel nozzle and tube, glass bottle, rubber bulb.

Servox Atomiser Spray
TR ACC 0006

Trachi-Mist atomiser spray bottle

Trachi-Mist Atomiser Spray Bottle

A handy sized spray bottle — suitable for purse or pocket.

A very fine aerosol spray mist (high nebulation) to provide extra moisture when necessary — in very warm and dry conditions.

Very economically priced.

Suitable for water and saline (we do not supply the contents).

Ideal for ward, home and travel use.

Trachi-Mist Atomiser Spray Bottle
TR ACC 0015

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