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Tracheostony tube cleaning kit

Tracheostomy Tube Cleaning Kit

Kapitex offers a specially formulated cleaning powder which helps to keep tubes clean and fresh. The powder contains phosphate and detergent which lifts off and breaks down mucus. A solution is made up by putting the powder in the spare container and adding water. The tracheostomy tubes are kept in this solution for 30 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

Management of tracheostomy tubes becomes easier when using the Cleaning Kit and through regular usage ensures that the tubes remain free of particle build up.

TR ACC 0005 Tracheostomy Cleaning Kit Complete
TR ACC 0011 Cleaning Kit Refill Only

Tracheostomy cleaning fluid

Tracheostomy Cleaning Fluid

This specially formulated fluid is a convenient way to keep tubes and inner cannulas clean and fresh. One measure of concentrated fluid (5ml) in a ratio of 1:20 will ensure that the tubes will be free of mucus.

It is important to rinse and dry the tubes after soaking in the cleaning fluid. 250ml bottle (complete with measure).

Tracheostomy Tube Cleaning Fluid
250ml bottle
TR ACC 0020

Tracheostomy cleaning brushes

Tracheostomy Cleaning Brushes

Kapitex Cleaning Brushes are used to ensure that the outer and inner tubes are kept free of dry mucus and debris. Available in four sizes, 8, 10, 12, and 14mm diameter, in packs of two. Brush head length — 90mm. The brushes are produced with nylon bristles, spirally bound in stainless steel and moulded into a plastic handle. The brush head is rounded to help reduce the risk of scratching tube surfaces. The brushes are not suitable for Tracoe PVC tubes or silicone tubes.

Tracheostomy Cleaning Brushes
TR ACC 0001 8mm Orange
TR ACC 0002 10mm Blue
TR ACC 0003 12mm Purple
TR ACC 0004 14mm Green

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