Tracoe Twist


For extra security, comfort, convenience and value

Trachi-Hold — successfully used in Intensive Care units, ENT Wards, Clinics and community settings.

Trachi-Hold is available is three different sizes

Trachi-Hold Large

  • Designed to provide secure positioning of the tracheostomy tube.
  • Two piece neckband produced from a laminate of foam and brushed nylon.
  • Trachi-Hold attaches to the tracheostomy tube flanges with close to touch fasteners.
  • Easily fitted and quickly adjusted.

Width 26mm.
Length (adjustable): Up to 470mm.

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TR ACC 0012 Large Pack of 10

Trachi-Hold Small

  • Kapitex also offer a smaller version as an ideal size for children
  • Produced from a laminate of polyurethane foam and brushed nylon
  • Trachi-Hold is soft to the skin reducing risk of sore neck line.
  • Trachi-Hold features secure close to touch fastenings.

Width 17mm.
Length (adjustable): Up to 350mm.

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TR ACC 0014 Small Pack of 10

Trachi-Hold Mini

  • Specially for babies and small children
  • Overcomes pressure sores from traditional twill ties
  • Provides gentle,comfortable yet secure tracheostomy tube holding
  • Dimensions: Width 17mm
  • Maximum Length 190mm

* Prescription reimbursement applied for.

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TR ACC 0030 Mini Pack of 10

Available on FP10 Prescription

  • Secure positioning of tube on neck
  • Easily and quickly adjusted
  • Soft and flexible materials
  • Avoids soreness and discomfort