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Anti-static valved holding chamber

Consistent and comfortable medication delivery for your tracheostomy patients

Key Benefits

  • Quicker absorption speed
  • Balanced moisture vapour transmission rate
  • Better retention

Effective Drug Delivery Right Out of the Package

The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) can be used directly out-of-package without pre-treatment — saving valuable time in hospital environments. The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC minimizes static charge, increasing the suspension time of particles in the chamber to provide consistent medication delivery for tracheostomy patients.


A Comfortable Fit

The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC has been designed to quickly connect to typical 15mm adapters. The Comfort Right Fit* adapter ensures a firm connection for enhanced aerosol delivery, without the need for excessive torque when connecting or disconnecting the device.

Setting the Gold Standard for Aerosol Delivery

Trudell Medical International is renowned for its extensive research and development of new technology for aerosol delivery. We are proud to continue the tradition of innovation with the AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC, a significant improvement in asthma relief for tracheostomy patients. The AeroTrach Plus* Anti-Static VHC is a simple and cost-effective system to deliver medicine where it’s needed most — your patient’s lungs.

Ordering Information

Aero Trach Plus Anti-Static VHC

Order Number Description
TRATC0001 Valved holding chamber for Trach Tubes with 15mm connector (for use with MDIs) (pack of 10)
TRATC0002 Valved holding chamber for Trach Tubes with 15mm connector (for use with MDIs) (singles)