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Tracoe experc 422

Tracoe experc set Vario with 451-P tube

Tracoe-Experc 422

Delivery Comprises:

  • x1 Tracoe Experc Dilation Set (ref 520)
  • x1 Tracoe Vario tracheostomy tube not wire reinforced with adjustable neck flange, low pressure cuff, subglottic suction line and atraumatic insertion system (Ref 470-P)
  • In sterile package

Ordering Information

Tracoe percutaneous dilation tracheostomy set (Ref 520) with Tracoe vary tube Ref 470-P with subglottic suction line , adjustable neck flange, not wire reinforced and low pressure cuff
Tracoe Size Ref Order number cannula (mm) Length (mm) I.D. of inner cannula (mm) O.D. of outer cannula (mm)
8 TR EXS 4228 90 8.0 11.2
9 TR EXS 4229 100 9.0 12.3

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