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Buchanan DeltaNex Protectors

Tracheostomy Protector System

The DeltaNex System offers all the benefits of the Buchanan protectors combined with touch to close fasteners for easier application.

The team at Kapitex have developed a system which allows neckbreathers to have the combined benefits of Buchanan protectors and the ease of use for application provided by touch to close fasteners.

The design of the DeltaNex allows the wearer to attach the protector (which gives the medical benefit) to a range of attractive cravats, ideal for any setting.

The DeltaNex System is the modern way for tracheostoma protection

  • The Buchanan DeltaNex Protector is available in packs of 10 with a pair of neckbands. This pack represents one month's supply.
  • The protectors should be changed daily and washed no more than 3 times.

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DeltaNex Protectors - Pack of 10 (Inc. 2 neckstraps)
LA DNX 0001

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Neckstraps - Pack of 2 (500mm Short)
LA DNX 0002

Team with the DeltaNex Cravats to provide a fashionable cover


Ordering Information — DeltaNex® permanent tracheostomy protectors with Hydrolox® Foam
Order Number Description (mm) Sizing Pack Quantity
LA DNX 0001 DeltaNex Protectors incl. 2 neckbands 125mm (W) x 120 mm (H) Pack of 10
LA DNX 0002 Neckstraps 500mm (Short) Pack of 2