Adding Quality of Life to Airway Management

Buchanan — Clinically proven to be better

Cardiff University Hospital* have carried out laboratory tests in accordance with ISO 9360 comparing Buchanan Protectors with a competitor’s stoma cover. As a result of the combination of materials, the Buchanan Protector with Hydrolox® 1 Foam out-performed the normal stoma cover considerably!

  • Kapitex are leaders in airway management products to Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy patients worldwide. To be successful in providing breathing filtration devices we only use the materials and components to give the best performance to wearers.
  • Kapitex will only choose materials and components which have been proven to provide clinical benefits to neckbreathers.

Moisture Output

The Buchanan Protector was found to provide 33% more moisture output than ordinary covers. This is a considerable difference in performance.

Patients will benefit because:

  • Moisture is vital to ensure the trachea is kept in good condition.
  • This highlights the importance of moisture entering the airway (to help reduce mucus getting too thick, becoming infected and causing discomfort in the trachea).


The Buchanan Protector features Hydrolox 1 Foam, it has excellent filtration properties. Hydrolox 1 Foam is a fine cell foam as can be seen from the picture (magnified).

The Buchanan Protector which is used and worn throughout the world will help reduce breathing problems by filtering out:

  • Dust, Dirt, Sand, pollen and other particulate matter. It is a serious airway protector.

Other stoma covers and clothing may look attractive, but they are not medical devices, and cannot provide the important benefits delivered by Buchanan.

the Buchanan Protector is clinically proven

Buchan Protector chart

the Buchanan Protector, in detail

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