Tracoe Twist

Hydrolox 1 Foam

The foam that makes the difference!

A unique specially formulated hydrophillic foam with high moisture absorbency capacity — creating a safer tracheal airway.

Exclusive to Kapitex!

Hydrolox 1 Foam is a consistent feature in the range of tracheostomy protectors because of its excellent moisture transferring properties.

The Hydrolox Foam works in the following way: as one breathes out (exhales) moisture is trapped in the foam, when one comes to inhale air passes through the foam, taking moisture into the tracheostoma / trachea. This constant repetition ensures moisture levels far above that provided by 'normal' plain foam, and of course, is far superior to having no protection over the tracheostoma. The moisture levels provided by Hydrolox keeps the trachea 'lubricated' and helps prevent the tracheal mucosa from drying out.

Therefore Hydrolox reduces the risk of crusting, excessive mucus and coughing.