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Restoring Nasal Function

Restoring your essential nasal function

Trachi-Naze +Plus is the only system which restores the vital nasal function to neckbreathers making breathing easier and more efficient.


Trachi-Naze +Plus restores the lost nasal function for neckbreathers. It is the only externally worn system to add back heat, moisture, small particulate filtration and improves breathing and therefore increases oxygenation. Oxygenation is increased because Trachi-Naze +Plus provides a functional airway resistance within the trachea, which plays an important role in the breathing process.

The vital nasal function

Before laryngectomy

Normally we breathe through the nose. In normal breathing, the nose warms, humidifies and filters incoming air. The nose protects the entire airway passage and lungs, keeping them in good condition.

Importantly, the nasal passage also provides airway resistance which helps to provide a level of pressure within the lungs which is vital for efficient lung function and blood oxygenation.

Lack of resistance and therefore poor oxygenation will diminish the respiratory function and will lead to a feeling of tiredness and lethargy.


After laryngectomy

Laryngectomy and tracheostomy patients do not breathe through the nose. They lose the benefit of the nasal function when breathing through the stoma opening in the neck.

With no nasal function and no protection after surgery, air entering the trachea is dry, cold, unfiltered and therefore likely to contain dirt and bacteria.

Without airway resistance there is also insufficient gas exchange and a consequent deterioration in respiratory efficiency.

Patients experience crusting and drying out of the tracheal mucosa, and excessive production of mucus — a potential cause of chest infections.


With Trachi-Naze +Plus

Trachi-Naze +Plus adds back heat, moisture and filtration benefits along with airway resistance — which are all important in respiratory rehabilitation. Only the Trachi-Naze +Plus solution restores your essential nasal airway function.


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Trachi-Naze +Plus

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