Following the successful launch of our new PHONIQ®laryngectomy range, many patients are migrating over to benefit from the enhanced performance and features which it offers.  These include the patented pressure release mechanism of the PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME filters and our soft flexible PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Shower Shield, the first of its kind, which gives patients the ability to speak in the shower. To encourage our customers to experience the improvements gained by using our new PHONIQ system, we will no longer replenish stock of Trachi-Naze Plus Active Filter (Orange)  LATNP1003.

The new alternative to the Trachi-Naze Plus Active Filter is the PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Active HME filter, which features a patented cough release mechanism, and is available in beige or clear.

PHONIQ® Laryngectomy tube and Stoma buttons are sized to mirror the Trachi-Naze Plus range. A like for like comparison chart is detailed in our downloadable news update.

Please read  and download our update for more information:

Trachi Naze Plus Active Announcement CLICK HERE