Labex Trade specialises in the production of electrolarynx. The  Inspiration electrolarynx, launched in Jan 2016, is unique with its ability to provide intonation and tone change during speech. The goal is to create a new generation of state-of-the-art digital electrolarynx which provide a stable speaking tone at an affordable price.

Kapitex is very proud to introduce this most comprehensive range of electrolarynx to the UK for the first time. There really is something to suit the needs of all users.


From Left to Right:

Labex Inspiration:

Change your intonation while speaking with intuitive Touch Technology by sliding the finger on the Control Panel. Incredible talk time and USB charging.

Labex Harmony

High-performing elegant electrolarynx with a simple interface. Including two fully customisable voice buttons. An integrated battery provides 30 to 45 hours of talk time.

Labex Comfort

The two-button design of the Labex Comfort electrolarynx can help make communication seamless. Small, lightweight and durable with simple set up it is compatible with all rechargeable 9V Li-ion batteries.

Labex Digital

Designed for maximum convenience, the digital is simple easy to use and with only one speech button it is ideal as a back-up speech alternative. It is compatible with all rechargeable 9V Li-ion batteries.

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