Kapitex is the UK distributor of Boston Medical Products, including the Montgomery® specialist Laryngology range.

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Boston Medical Products

Boston Medical Products today develops, manufactures and sells many different types of specialty products that meet the exacting needs of physicians specializing in ear, nose, throat, respiratory, and pulmonary disorders. Boston Medical Products is the only manufacturer in the world authorized to produce Montgomery® brand products

Product Range

Har-El Pharyngeal Tubes

The Har-El Pharyngeal Salivary Bypass Tube allows the surgeon to handle a wider variety of indications…

Montgomery Laryngeal Stents

The Montgomery® Laryngeal Stent is a moulded silicone prosthesis designed to conform to the normal endolaryngeal…

Montgomery Salivary Bypass Tubes

The Montgomery® Salivary Bypass Tube may be used to stent repair of cervical esophageal and hypopharyngeal…

Montgomery® Long-Term Cannula

Montgomery Thyroplasty Implant System

The Montgomery® Thyroplasty Implant System is the result of over a decade of research and development.

As you may be aware, in October 2021, TRACOE Medical GmBH and Kapitex Healthcare Ltd became part of the Atos Medical Group. As we further our integrations, we wish to inform you that from 1st July 2022, we will no longer be accepting orders directly through the website. If you wish to place an order, please email us at