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Kapitex is the UK distributor for Leufen and Novatech tracheobronchial stenting solutions.

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Stenting Instruments

Kapitex sells a full range of stenting instruments to allow for the safe and effective placement of both nitinol and silicone stents. Including the DUTAU® NOVATECH® Rigid Bronchoscope, ROTEPS® Bronchoscopy Forceps and TONN™ NOVATECH® Tracheal and Bronchial Stent Applicator.

Product Range


Ultra Thin Stents

Dutau – Novatech® Rigid Bronchoscope

The modular Dutau-Novatech® Rigid Bronchoscope is designed for use in interventional bronchoscopy. It combines innovative features…

Montgomery Safe-T-Tubes

The Montgomery® Safe-T-Tube™ is designed to maintain an adequate airway as well as to provide support…

GSS Bronchial (BD) Stent

GSS Tracheal (TD) Stent

TD Endotracheal Stents Endotracheal GSS™ stents are available with a wall thickness of 1.5mm.

GSS Silicone (Y) Stent

Wall Thickness 1.0mm Standard Length 108/50/50 - Sterile

GSS Silicone (OKI) Stent

Developed as a variation of a Y-Stent, the OKI- Stent is designed for stenting the right…

GSS Tracheal (TF) Stent

Watanabe Endobronchial Spigots

EWS® — Silicone spigots for segmental and subsegmental bronchi

Tonn Tracheo-Bronchial Stent Placement Kit

The TONN / NOVATECH tracheal and bronchial Stent Applicator facilitates the placement of NOVATECH's tracheobronchial stents…

Leufen Aerstent Trachea Bronchus

The special end design and the strong radial force keep the stents in position to avoid…

Leufen Aerstent Y Carina

The new Y Carina stent is used to bridge benign or malignant stenosis in the trachea…

Leufen Aerstent J Carina

The J Carina stent is used to bridge an anastomotic leakage after pneumonectomy.


An innovative line of Bronchoscopy Forceps, rotatable for ease of use and fully dismountable for efficient…