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Kapitex offers a full range of care and maintenance products to keep you and your stoma in the best of health.

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Stoma Care

Good Practice

It is essential that you adopt good hygiene practices when cleaning and caring for the stoma to prevent obstruction of the airway and skin irritation. For example when you cough mucus will need to be cleaned away from the entrance of the stoma. Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions about your daily stoma care and management routine.

Product Range


For extra security, comfort, convenience and value

Kapitex® Trachi-Swab

Ideal for cleaning tracheostomy and laryngectomy tubes.


Trachi-Wipe skin wipes have been specially formulated for neck breathers to help protect the skin around…


Ideal for difficult stoma anatomy, providing cushioning behind the laryngectomy tube.

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