The PHONIQ® range is a new generation of Laryngectomy products from Kapitex with intelligent, patented features which will make meaningful differences to the lives of patients each day.

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The PHONIQ® System

PHONIQ® Interfaces include two adhesive baseplates both available in round and oval shapes, plus laryngectomy tubes and stoma buttons. All PHONIQ® interfaces are compatible with our HME filter cassettes which have a patented cough release capability.

For additional safety and confidence our new soft flexible low profile PHONIQ® DigiClose™ Shower Shield allows for finger occlusion and voicing while showering.


Try the PHONIQ® System

Try the PHONIQ® products for yourself by enrolling in our 7 day free of charge product evaluation.

All those who register to try the PHONIQ® products will receive TWO FREE Kapitex Branded face covers for you and a friend or family member.

You do not have to participate in the product evaluation, to take advantage of this offer: Please follow the link to leave us your details.


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Product Range

Phoniq® Low Profile Shower Shield

PHONIQ® Low Profile HME Filter

Lower the profile, not the performance

PHONIQ® DigiClose HME Filters

PHONIQ® DigiClose™ HME Filters feature a patented pressure release mechanism which activates during reflexive coughing or…

PHONIQ® Adhesive Baseplates

PHONIQ® Baseplates adhere gently to the skin area around a tracheostoma to provide an airtight interface…

PHONIQ® DigiClose Shower Shield

The first shower protector to give patients a voice while showering!

PHONIQ® Laryngectomy Tube

Transparent high-quality medical grade silicone tube, suitable for placement within a surgically created tracheostoma

PHONIQ® Stoma Button

The PHONIQ® Stoma Button is designed to keep the stoma open, providing balance between comfort and…