The Ora-Light System of oral motor exercise tools is a major step forward for the Speech & Language Therapist. Providing a set of practical tools for the successful treatment of patients with speech and swallow disorders.

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Key Therapy Benefits

  • Aids the Speech & Language Therapist to target and maximise rehabilitation outcomes of patients with oral motor deficits
  • Ora-Light exercise tools help to improve the strength and movement of specific lip, tongue and cheek musculature
  • Specifically crafted from shatter-proof material to incorporate shape and tactile areas which encourage proper tongue/lip movements and contact
  • Simple to use with a comprehensive suggested exercise protocol, highlighting the specific muscles exercised, and indicating the phonetic articulator placement for sound production
  • Each tool is for single patient use
  • Inexpensive and cost effective. The cost of Ora-Light is the price of the solution, not the cost of the problem