The Design


The system consists of specially designed surgical instruments, devices for measuring medialisation distance prior to implant insertion, and a range of five implant sizes for female patients and five sizes for males. The implants are constructed using implant grade silicone which has undergone extensive biocompatibility testing.

The surgical procedure has been fine-tuned and involves a step-by-step process for locating the thyroplasty window, creating the window, determining implant size, and inserting the implant. The procedure reduces surgery time and is completely reversible. A procedural CD demonstrating the surgical procedure is available.

The unique design of the Montgomery® Thyroplasty Implant consists of two major components: the rectangular base and the triangular top. The base is constructed of firm silicone and features three tiers. The lateral, or outer tier, remains on the outer surface of the thyroid lamina and prevents medial displacement of the implant. The middle tier stabilises the implant and prevents rotation. The inner tier rests against the inner surface of the thyroid lamina and prevents outward displacement. There is a common base for females and a common base for males.

The triangular portion is made using soft silicone and serves to medialise the vocal cord and the vocal process of the arytenoid. The hypotenuse of the triangle corresponds to the long axis of the vocal cord. The height of the triangle is measured in millimeters and is available in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10mm for females and 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12mm for males.

Special measuring devices have been designed to accurately simulate vocal cord medialisation eliminating the need to insert and replace multiple implants. This results in less trauma to the patient and reduced surgery time. The disposable set includes all five sizes to correspond to the implants and is available in both female and male kits.

Custom surgical instruments to facilitate locating, designing, and creating the window and inserting the implant are available individually, or as a complete 13-piece set with sterilisation tray.

A Single Procedure Kit is now available and includes everything you need to perform one thyroplasty procedure. We will send you a complete instrument set, measuring kit, and five implants. After performing the case, simply send back the instruments and unused implants in the convenient supplied container. Boston Medical Products now makes it even easier to use the Montgomery Thyroplasty Implant System!

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