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CarboTrack™ Universal Capnography Adapter

CarboTrack™ is a universal capnography safety adapter utilized to enhance end-tidal CO2 monitoring. It is designed primarily to adapt to Oropharyngeal Airways (OPA) and face masks when administering deep sedation anesthesia.

Unique Features

CarboTrack™ s a universal capnography adapter designed to meet this requirement in a much improved, scientific and reliable fashion.

CarboTrack™ design features:

  • CO2 sampling line port (Luer compatible)
  • Nasal cannula docking ports
  • Suction / utility port
  • Medical grade adhesive (high adherence capability)
Part Number Ampcare Code Product Description
CRCPR0013 CarboTrack™ Box 10

CarboTrack in use (1)

CarboTrack in use (2)

CarboTrack in use (3)