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Novatech GSS Gold Studded Stents

The new gold standard in interventional bronchoscopy

  • Removability
  • Transparency and radio-opacity
  • Large range for perfect adaption
  • Anti-migration stud system
  • Non adherent smooth surface
  • Bevelled edges
  • Long term implant grade silicone

The NOVATECH® GSSTM – Gold Studded Stent is made of transparent implant grade silicone with studs filled with gold and barium sulfate, combining good X-ray visibility with optimised endoscopic tissue monitoring, i.e. X-ray visibility plus tissue monitoring.


  • Removability
    If necessary, GSSTM stents can easily be removed, even after long- term implantation (positive results of removal even after 11 years are available).
  • Transparency and radio-opacity
    Studs filled with gold and barium sulfate, combining good X-ray visibility with optimised endoscopic tissue monitoring.
  • Large range for perfect adaption
    The key condition for perfect tolerance of the stents is to use a stent which is perfectly adapted to the patients’ needs. For this reason and in order to be prepared for any situation, it is essential to provide the clinician with a basic line of different stent types, diameters and lengths.
  • Anti-migration stud system
    The patented stud design minimises the risk of migration of the GSSTM by fixing it between the cartilaginous rings of the tracheo-bronchial tree. The stent design inhibits cough reflexes. The studs reduce direct contact between the stent surface and the mucosa and distribute compressive forces evenly among the small stud surfaces.
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
    The non-adherent stent surface is excellently tolerated by the mucosa. It allows mucociliary clearance. In vitro tests have shown that GSSTM silicone stents are highly efficient compared to other stents available on the market.
  • Bevelled ends
    The ends of the stents are designed to reduce the risk of mucus accumulation. They are specially bevelled to be atraumatic and to improve mucociliary clearance.
  • Long term implant grade silicone (over 29 days).


Maintaining airway patency after desobstruction or dilatation of a stenosis, in particular in the following cases:

  • Tracheobronchial tumors.
  • Tracheal stenoses with scarring.
  • Bronchial stenoses following surgical resection and anastomosis.
  • Bronchial stenoses following pulmonary transplantation.
  • In general, in any case of reduction of airway diameter due to intrisic or extrensic compression.

Novatech and the LOT number are imprinted on each GSSTM. This way, the stent can easily be traced back to its origin if necessary.

The GSSTM comes sterile in blister packaging with Instructions for Use, patient card, adhesive stickers for documentation, and a single dose of Optilube (a water based biocompatible lubricant), implantable for more than 29 days and perfectly suited for stent placement.

Ordering Information
Designs and Sizing
Name Type Wall Thickness (mm) Row of studs
GSS TD Tracheal Stent 1.5 4 (Ø ≥ 18mm: 3)
GSS TF Thin Tracheal Stent 1.0
GSS BD Bronchial Stent 1.0 4
GSS Y Total Carina Stent 1.0 3
GSS ST Hourglass Stent particularly for post-intubation stenoses 1.5 4
GSS OKI Right Upper Lobe Departure Stent for the right main stem bronchus 1.0 3
Dumon BB Ultra-thin Stent initially developed for paediatric 0.5 2
Dumon CB Carina Stent used for stenoses in the main bronchus close to the carina 1.0 4

Other types and customised made stents are available.