Tracoe Twist

Novatech GSS Gold Studded Stents

Novatech GSS TD/TF

Gold Studded Stents TD/TF

Novatech GSS BD

Novatech GSS BD

Novatech GSS Y Stent

GSS Y Stent

Novatech GSS ST-Hourglass

GSS ST-Hourglass

Novatech GSS OKI-Stent


Novatech Dumon CB

Dumon CB — Carina Bronchus

Novatech Dumon BB

Dumon BB Stent

Ordering Information
Designs and Sizing
Name Type Wall Thickness (mm) Row of studs
GSS TD Tracheal Stent 1.5 4 (Ø ≥ 18mm: 3)
GSS TF Thin Tracheal Stent 1.0
GSS BD Bronchial Stent 1.0 4
GSS Y Total Carina Stent 1.0 3
GSS ST Hourglass Stent particularly for post-intubation stenoses 1.5 4
GSS OKI Right Upper Lobe Departure Stent for the right main stem bronchus 1.0 3
Dumon BB Ultra-thin Stent initially developed for paediatric 0.5 2
Dumon CB Carina Stent used for stenoses in the main bronchus close to the carina 1.0 4

Other types and customised made stents are available.