Silmet Conical

SILMET® Conical

A conical stent is defined by three dimensions: its base, its end and its length. SILMET® Conical is adapted to special situations which cannot be resolved immediately and in which the physician expects an improvement of the patients' state on a medium or long term. Indications: post-pneumonectomy fistula, trachea / bronchial distortion caused by compression.

SILMET® SM (customised)

Production time for SILMET® SM is generally 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the stent, including sterilisation. SILMET® SM are custom made stents which can have different shapes and features: diabolo, conical, Y, T, bevelled, without cover, partial covers, etc. There can be a variation in resistance to compression at different parts of the stent. SILMET® SM gives the clinician a wide choice.