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Trachi-Swab® Hi-Vis

The new Trachi-Swab® Hi-Vis

Designed as a result of feedback from clinicians and features a longer handle and bright blue foam head, for improved safety and functionality.

Available in three sizes, Trachi-Swab cleaning swabs are ideal for cleaning all PVC, polyurethane and silicone tracheostomy and laryngectomy tubes. The soft smooth heads of the swabs will not scratch or damage the internal tube surface.

The smaller size swab is recommended for paediatric tubes. When used with cleaning solutions the swabs will help to remove build up of mucus and keep the tube surfaces clean.

The foam heads of the swabs are better suited for cleaning tracheostomy tubes than cotton tipped swabs as there are no loose fibres.

Trachi-Swabs feature a flexible plastic shaft to allow ease of movement inside the cannula.

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Ordering Information
Code Description Capacity
TRSWB0150 Trachi-Swab Hi-Vis - Small (Recommended for tubes sizes 4-5mm) Pack of 50
TRSWB0250 Trachi-Swab Hi-Vis - Large (Recommended for tubes sizes 5-7mm) Pack of 50
TRSWB3050 Trachi-Swab Hi-Vis - X-Large (Recommended for tubes sizes 8mm +) Pack of 50