Tracoe® Twist 301

TRACOE twist Tracheostomy Tube with Low Pressure Cuff

Delivery Comprises:

  • Outer cannula with cuff
  • 2 inner cannulas with 15mm connector (white)
  • Perforated obturator and wide neck strap
  • In sterile package


  • Spare inner cannula with 15mm connector not fenestrated

Tracoe® twist Increased flexibility, comfort and performance

Each Tracoe twist tube is supplied with a perforated obturator and a wide adjustable neck strap as well as a tube info card with peel-off stickers on front and back. The neck strap is also available separately.

The unique Tracoe® twist swivelling neckplate

The most outstanding feature of Tracoe twist and twist Plus is the anatomically shaped neck flange that moves around two axes:
Vertically (a) and horizontally (b).
The neck strap can be easily attached while the tube is in situ (c).

To purchase these products or for more details, please contact our Customer Services team on 01937 580211.

Ordering Information
SIZE Ref Kapitex Order Number Length (mm) (4) I.D. of outer cannula (mm) (1) O.D. of outer cannula (mm) (2)
4 TR TRA 1001 56 4.0 7.2
5 TR TRA 1001A 66 5.0 8.6
6 TR TRA 1002 72 6.0 9.2
7 TR TRA 1002A 74 7.0 10.4
8 TR TRA 1003 76 8.0 11.4
9 TR TRA 1003A 78 9.0 12.5
10 TR TRA 1004 80 10.0 13.8
Tracoe® Twist 301 Accessories