The long-term perspective:

TRACOE medical retains its ability to deliver and is keeping a close eye on the second coronavirus wave

» Medical technology manufacturer masters the drastic increase in order volume
» Multiple measures keep production going
» Emotional video message to employees, customers and partners

(Nieder-Olm, December 2020) – Never before has the modern world stood united to face such a challenge as in “Corona year” 2020. Daily life suddenly changed for everyone at the beginning of the year. This was no different for TRACOE medical GmbH from Nieder-Olm (Rhineland-Palatinate), one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and appliances for patients, who have had a tracheostomy or their larynx removed (laryngectomy) and need ventilation (respiratory care), as the sudden, exponential rise in the number of people infected with the virus and, as a consequence, suffering from respiratory problems continues to trigger an enormous increase
in demand worldwide for medical products that ensure the ventilation of COVID-19 patients – including the core products of this family business: tracheostomy tubes. Thanks to the tremendous support of its employees, customers and partners worldwide, TRACOE medical has so far retained its operational efficiency and ability to deliver – and is also keeping a close eye on the second coronavirus wave. Managing director Dr Thomas Jurisch: “We produce life-saving medical devices and therefore also have a special social responsibility. We are aware of this and have therefore taken every precaution to ensure that we are best equipped to be able to meet the increased demand for our products that is again anticipated with the current second wave.”

TRACOE medical has mastered drastically increased order volumes over the last few months. However, since the autumn, there has once again been a sharp and rapid rise in the numbers of infections and there are already initial concerns in the respiratory aids sector about supply bottlenecks. “We expect a continued significant increase in demand, the world over”, Dr Jurisch says: “But we have taken all the necessary steps to maintain unrestricted production and sustain our range of services and advice and thus ensure a seamless
supply chain”.

Safety precautions and contingency plans
The medical technology manufacturer has taken every conceivable precaution within its power, not only to secure the company’s survival and thus the supply for the patients, who depend on its products, but, of course, also to guarantee the health of its own personnel as far as possible. Dr Thomas Jurisch: “We are ensuring production by operating multiple shifts, so that even in the event of an employee becoming infected and the necessary quarantining of the entire group, the others can continue production. And, it goes without saying, the need for precautionary hygiene measures has been impressed upon our employees. Cleaning cycles have also been increased and intensified. At the
same time, there are precise instructions regarding what action to take in the event of suspected cases. So TRACOE medical is also well prepared in the second wave: “At present, we are not seeing any restrictions in our ability to deliver throughout our portfolio, nor are there currently any indications of any bottlenecks in the supply chains of our preliminary products. On the contrary, we have significantly increased the stocks of individual raw materials to enable us to respond flexibly“, the managing director explains.

A big “thank you” to employees, customers and partners
“Only with the help of our employees, who have been working under enormous pressure, at times on six days in two shifts, has it been possible to master these past months and challenges”, Rimm Elfu, Head of Sales and member of the Management Board of TRACOE medical, said in an emotional personal video message, in which heartfelt thanks were also extended, in particular, to TRACOE medical’s customers and partners all over the world: “We thank you most sincerely for the confidence and loyalty you have shown us”, Elfu continued in the video. Close cooperation has always been an integral part of the company philosophy, “but this year we were forced to redefine proximity and to be open to alternative ways”, explained the Head of Sales, whose team, under normal circumstances, are available locally in their respective regions and countries to give advice personally. Elfu: “You are wonderful partners, you have done a great job in the various regions in these difficult times: – Thank you so much for your support!“ The emotional video can be seen, among other things, on the company’s YouTube channel. Dr Thomas Jurisch added: “With such great supporters and employees, we will also withstand the second wave together and we are confident that all of us will hopefully soon be able to return to normality”.

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