To prevent VAP, tracheostomy tubes with subglottic suction are increasingly used(1). In doing so, suction is performed above the cuff so that no contaminated secretion can get into the lower airways. A tracheostomy tube or ET tube with a subglottic suction is required for this type of suction. As the caregiver, you are aware that suctioning can be a necessary but unpleasant procedure for the patient. Therefore, we have improved the efficiency of our twist plus tracheostomy tube with subglottic suction.

The flat and widened suction channel gets its stability from an internal support structure. The channel is less than half the height of the previous suction tube. With the now larger flow cross-section, we can achieve a significantly faster and more complete suction behaviour compared to the predecessor, which can minimise the risk of pneumonia. Another step in the fight against VAP!

The twist plus extract is available with the new suction channel or as a multifunctional tube with the new suction channel and double fenestration. In this way, one can ventilate, suction, sensitize, communicate, wean and decannulate with one tube(2).

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Also interesting:

All of our subglottic suction tubes are approved for ACV – Above Cuff Vocalisation (speaking under ventilation). This gives you the opportunity to increase the participation of your patients in social life and to promote their well-being as well as to counteract possible frustration. Motivation and cooperation can be increased. Further positive effects due to the laryngeal flow are the sensitization in the oropharyngeal area. This can have a positive effect on the swallowing reflex, sensors and secretion management.



(1) Prevention of nosocomial ventilation-associated pneumonia – KRINKO 2013

(2) Step by step to decannulation using a speaking valve. An effective clinical pathway. – Dr. phil. Maria-Dorothea Heidler, 2017