Kapitex Tracheostomy Voiceline Speaking Valve has had a revamp!

Over the last year we have been looking at ways to improve our popular tracheostomy speaking valve Voiceline. Voiceline has always been the obvious choice for an economical, short term speaking valve which gives tracheostomy users the opportunity to communicate once again.  Voiceline has always sat perfectly next to our longer term offering from Passy-Muir which operates in a different way.

Overall the functionality of Voiceline works extremely well and for this reason we have not changed the way in which it operates. This is great news for existing users who will simply be able  move straight over to the new version of the valve.

So what have we changed?

There has been an upgrade to the way in which the valve is manufactured and assembled to improve durability, but most importantly we have extended the range to include four bright new colours, to improve acceptance and visibility. The inclusion of a safety eyelet allows the valve to be secured to prevent accidental loss. Please let us introduce you to the new look Voiceline II.



We are fully committed to improving the environmental impact of our products and so we dispensed with of the old plastic container in favour of a new sturdy fully recyclable carton, which also doubles up as a storage box.

Now available on NHS supply chain.

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